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Join the RealWorld-InWorld (RWIW) NASA Engineering Design Challenge to solve real NASA-related problems.

There are two phases to the RWIW Challenge.


The challenge begins in the RealWorld where students in grades 8-12 use the engineering design process to solve one of two problems related to the James Webb Space Telescope. Educator and Student RealWorld resources available September 1.

Upon completion of RealWorld registration, teachers and others guiding students through the RealWorld design phase may register to use PTC Creo (Pro/ENGINEER) professional engineering software along with free online training valued at more than $900,000.


Twenty selected RealWorld teams are mentored InWorld by college engineering students in a virtual world setting.  The InWorld phase begins January 31, 2014 following the completion of the RealWorld phase.  The InWorld phase of RWIW is open to US Citizens only.

College Team Leaders will also receive access to both PTC Creo (Pro/ENGINEER) and SolidWorks professional engineering software along with free online training.


Meet and Chat With Experts!

Webb Telescope researchers will answer questions through scheduled Q&A sessions online and in the RWIW Public World. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Participating teams have questions throughout the design challenge.  We've collected questions and answers that are useful to all in a list of FAQs at this link Send additional questions to rwiw@nianet.org.   Responses will be posted as quickly as possible.

Take the challenge!

A new challenge should begin summer 2014 and run during the 2014-2015 academic year!

Once RealWorld projects are completed, RealWorld coaches upload each team's work through this site, and register for teams to be considered for InWorld participation.

College students interested in becoming InWorld team leaders should complete the InWorld registration.  Prior to acceptance, the RWIW staff will confirm qualifications and availability.

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Student Designs  

These designs were submitted by students during the RealWorld phase of the Challenge.

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